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Oscar The Iguana - 1997 to 12/2/2015 - RIP

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End of an era...rest in peace, old friend!

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Oscar, our longtime store mascot and beloved friend. No more will he ride on my dashboard as I take him to the store every day; no more will he delight first-time visitors and loyal customers with his sweet, placid nature. You will be missed, old friend, more than you could possibly know!

“I had to have company--I was made for it, I think--so I made friends with the animals. They are just charming, and they have the kindest disposition and the politest ways; they never look sour, they never let you feel that you are intruding, they smile at you and wag their tail, if they've got one, and they are always ready for a romp or an excursion or anything you want to propose.”

Eve's Diary
Mark Twain
Frogs & Toads Snakes Reptiles Tortoises Freshwater Turtles Come visit our pet store to visit with Oscar, our hand-tamed red iguana.
OH, NO…IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!
You can run, you can hide!
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A photo of Hurricane Irene from the International Space Station
Click here to see photos of Oscar and his friends!
Hand-tame ball python snake
Storm, my high-colored pet bearded dragon Pretty Cumberland turtle swimming underwater
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Care sheets on this website are compiled from a wide variety of sources, including Melissa Kaplan's exceptional Anapsid.org website, various wildlife and zoo websites, professional reptile textbooks, and many years' worth of personal experience. Pictures are gratefully borrowed from these sources, from Kingsnake.com, and from personal photos.

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